TWO Ways to Join the Cryptocurrency Trend

Cryptocurrencies have become the biggest rising trend and traders are actively seeking brokers who can offer them the ability to trade. Leverate has TWO great ways for you to add Cryptocurrency trading to your platform and attract new traders: Our all new SIRIXCrypto dedicated Cryptocurrency trading platform or through SIRIXWeb which features Cryptocurrencies along with a wide range of other instruments.

Seamless integration for ANY Business

SIRIXCrypto will allow any business to add or even start their operations with Cryptocurrency trading, in a seamless and painless integration. Leverate’s standalone web based platform can be integrated and added to any business, regardless of their existing technology. With the number of Cryptocurrencies increasing every day, your clients will have an ever growing range of currencies to choose from.

Why Add Cryptocurrencies?

Trading volumes have been breaking new ground hitting all-time highs. The demand for trading in Cryptocurrencies is far from satiated as it has become hot news and even hotter property. With a host of websites and marketing opportunities available, now is the time to get in on the market.